February 11, 2011

New Heart for Valentines

Lizzie gets a new heart for Valentines this year. Well, maybe not a new heart but a repaired heart. The surgery is scheduled for the 15th but we have to take her in on Valentines day. This is a Valentines we will never forget that is for sure! The doctors tell us the recovery will be a week maybe two. We are extremely grateful for Primary Childrens and for all of their amazing nurses and doctors. When Clay blessed Lizzie, he mentioned how blessed she is to have been born at a time with all of the amazing advances in technology. We feel blessed. We are scared, but so grateful at the same time to see the great progress Lizzie will make with a repaired heart. She is one strong little girl. I remember when she was born, everyone was crying and there was Lizzie just looking around like she knew everything was going to be ok. Even when they wheeled her out to the ambulance to take her from Payson to Primary Childrens, I found strength just looking at her. She was calm, and just content.

I was watching one of my favorite cheesy chick flicks the other day, Return To Me... It's about a girl that gets a heart transplant.  Her cute grandpa says something to Grace (his granddaughter who receives a heart transplant) that was so simple and true. He said "It's those that are the strongest that God gives the most challenges to, you can take that as a compliment!" I do believe Lizzie is strong and I do believe that she can take it as a compliment to have been sent to this earth with the challenges that she has. We are so blessed to have been given such a strong baby girl. Thanks everyone for all of your love and support, Don't forget our Lizzie Jane in your prayers this Valentines.


Elise said...


I will be thinking of her this next week. I'm sure things will go well, but it is always so scary as a parent to have your child go through something like that. So, I will have you and Clay in my prayers as well.

She is so darling and perfect.

Elise Ford

Amanda said...

I wish you guys the best of luck!! And keep her in my prayers. As always she is super cute and always dressed so so cute..Good luck with everything:)

Amber, Old Main Photography said...

Chayla, I haven't been in touch with ya for so long and didn't know about your sweet daughter. Your uplifting words bring tears to my eyes, and we will keep you in our hearts & prayers tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

katie t said...

ohhh i LOVE the last picture of her sticking her tongue out!

she will be in our prayers and you in our thoughts...


ryan + carly said...

she is such a doll. she will do so good, i know it! we will be praying and thinking about you. xo

hairprincess said...

Wow I am so happy everything has gone well and her surgery went great, she is so so so cute and I LOVE all the new pics, and her outfits are to die for! I cant get over how stinking cute those smile pics are she is a doll! I need to come and hang out some more and get to know her better we need playdates! :)