May 18, 2013

baby glamour shots

We are so grateful for our new baby sister.

May 5, 2013

Our Sweet Ada Lou...
Clay and I love old names so we decided to steal Clay's great grandma's name and Lou we stole from my grandma! It's short and sweet.  
We just love our little Ada Lou.
April 25, 2013
5:02 pm
 6lb 12oz

It sure was a different feeling getting to hold my baby right after she was born. I almost didn't know what to do! I was actually waiting for the nurses to take her away from me like they did Lizzie, thinking that was the norm. This time, I got to hold her and just take it all in. 

Gma Cheryl and Gpa Mark...

Didn't like her carseat much...

We walked outside to find the life flight in the parking lot. We were sure grateful to not be leaving in this big thing! I loved being able to put my tiny baby in a car seat and and just drive home! 

Lizzie didn't quite know what to think of the baby doll that moves! and cries!...
This is Lizzie telling the baby to Shhhh and to go to sleep! (she's signing sleep in front of the baby's face instead of her own.)

Cutest quilt made by my friend Haley. It even matches my crib bedding. Love it and love my friend Haley. Can't wait to use it!


Yes. I realize I need grass. It's coming I swear but in the meantime, I have to let my child play in the dirt and mud.. 

Sleeps just like her dad..with her mouth hanging wide open!

April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Playing in G-ma Cheryl's backyard on easter... and loving the sunshine!

easter egg hunts!..

easter morning... 

February 14, 2013

Lizzie's Surgery

We took Lizzie back to Primary Children's hospital on Feb. 1st for a tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy and to get tubes in her ears! Poor little thing. She was very brave (as usual) and did very well. 


She was out of it right after surgery but was still so happy to see her grandmas waiting for her and to play with her ipad. When her pain medication wore off, she was no longer a happy camper! She had a rough night sleeping and the only thing they would give her was infant tylonol because the strong pain meds cause her to relax just a little too much and that is not so good for her oxygen levels and her little heart. She is a very strong baby girl, she ate just enough rainbow sherbet and drank just enough that they sent us home the next day. Phew!!