November 5, 2011


Playing PattyCake at Grandmas...

Passing out candy to all of the Trick-Or-Treaters...

... and eating it to!

Lizzie's fake smile (but still so cute)...

Hugs for Halloween!..

Hope you all had a Berry Spooky Halloween!

September 13, 2011

Buddy Walk 2011

This year was kind of our trial year for the buddy walk since it was our first time there and we really didn't know what to expect... We are so glad we went! There were lots of fun activities! A train, a great big jump house, music and so many cute cute kids. It was so fun to see and relate to other families who had a child with Down Syndrome

Lizzie's cute cousins came to support Team Lizzie and join in the fun

A few facts about Down Syndrome posted along the trail... 

This fact made us all really really sad...

On a happier note... Look at all of the cute friends we made at the Buddy Walk!
This is Aleah and she is 2 years old. She is just the cutest sweetest baby girl we have ever seen! We enjoyed talking to her mom and getting some good advice along the walk.

Does anybody else think Lizzie looks just like Grandma Cheryl in this picture???

Lizzie just loved playing with her new friend Nicole.
She is another darling baby with Down Syndrome and another mom that I enjoyed chatting with.

Oh just look at all the fat rolls. I Love It!

Team Gabilicious!
We were so happy to see cute Gabi and her parents there, we love chatting with them!

Team Lizzie!..

Thanks everyone that joined Team Lizzie this year and all of those who donated to the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation! See you all next year!

August 29, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

We all had a great time celebrating Lizzie's first birthday! Lots of food, candy, cupcakes and friends...

{the plastic wrap is not a part of the display}

{Tristan, Will & Kye}

{Lola, Milo & Fisher}


{birthday kisses}

{sweet Olivia}

{Dozer the Dog}

{Aunt Mel & Uncle Tom}

{Grandpa Mark & Grandma Cheryl}

{Great Grandparents}

{one lil candle}

{make a wish!}

{everybody loves a pinata!}

Thanks everyone who helped make Lizzie's first birthday so special!

August 23, 2011

Lizzie's OnE YeAR!!! and a few family pics

We are so excited for our Lizzie Jane to turn One! We are so proud of her (if you can't tell). We got her pictures taken by a photographer in Vernal. She did a great job and she took them right in her back yard! We had a lot of fun...

I had no idea what lizzie would do with a birthday cake all to herself, I was not expecting her to gag when she finally took a bite! Guess I haven't fed my child enough sugar?

Family Pics...

So many cute pictures! Thank you Mindy Smith for doing such a great job! Visit her at