March 31, 2010

Scouts Made Easy!

Clay LOVES his new calling as the Webelos scout leader! To pass off one of their ranks, the two scouts needed to go on a 5 mile hike and one of the requirements for this hike was to bring a compass..
So...somewhere in the deserts of Roosevelt, Clay found the perfect spot for a hike! A long, narrow road perfect and easy to calculate 5 miles!
Along the way...

  they admired the desolate, yet oh so beautiful scenery lots of valued scouting advice
...picked up litter found on the sides of the trail. (which was actually candy wrappers that they dropped along the way)
...and when asked to take out a compass, they pulled out the most essential gadget for survival. THE ipod! (how could an eleven yr old live without their ipod?!)

March 7, 2010

FuN~FiLLeD WeeKeNd

This weekend we finally got to go home! (We still cOnsider spanish fork and elK Ridge home) We look forward to staying at Mark & Cheryl's whenever possible because it's just always a PARTY! On Friday night, We celebrated Clay & Cody FiNches Birthday. We had pizza, hung out with the whole Brown fam, and I think they had cake and ice cream, Im not sure cause i fell asleep and NOBODY Woke me UP!!! It was still fun though, we LOVE hanging out with everyone..(So much I gotta blog about it!) On saturday, Clay and Chase took my Dad to the Goshen Dam to shoot sporting clays and my mom and I decided to get pedicures (good tRade riGht?) To end the weekend, we went out to eat with our good friends chase & kristi, luke & Ali. I wish I had pictures but I forgot my camera. Next time I wont forget! Thanks Everyone for a fun~filled weekeNd!