August 17, 2010

The Latest...

Softball. . .                                                
Playing Outfield

                                          3rd base coach                                    striking out

and being a good sport {It's all a part of the game}

Camping at the West Fork. . .
Clay would camp out at the west fork ALL summer long if he could!

Clay & Millie LOVE riding the horses!

fixing the salt shed {good picture of Clay's bum heh?}

Spear Fishing. . . 

Shad and Clay have LOVED their new hobby of spear fishing almost every weekend this summer at the Bottle Hollow or Starvation Reservoir {don't ask me what's up with Clay's cheesy smile these days}

My Birthday! . .

I had a GREAT B-day! I got money, gift cards, cute jewelry, parties with the family, a pedicure and lots more! Clay brought me a german chocolate cake and some cheerful roses!

And last but not least, 37 weeks. . . 

I only have a couple of weeks left! Even though my due date is Sept. 7th, the doctor informed me that he will be inducing labor on Sept 1st!
I'm really nervous and scared, not going to lie! First, because I am not sure if inducing labor is going to be the most painless way to go and I don't know much about it. Second, because I have no idea if I'm really prepared for this. I'm really excited to meet the little Clayla baby but I think I just want her to stay in there for one more week! 
{Im really trying to suck in and think skinny thoughts in this picture. I know, it's not working}