October 20, 2010

2 month check-up

2 months!

Today, Lizzie went in for her 2 month check-up. 
Weighing in at 8.1 
Length: 20 1/2

getting her shots... It just broke my heart to see such a sad face

one in each little leg :(

October 12, 2010

Glamour Shots...

Since we were sent straight from Payson hospital to Primary Children's where we stayed for 3 weeks or so, we were unable to get the newborn pictures that I always wanted. It's a well known fact that photographing a newborn works best about 10 days after they're born, so that might explain why Lizzie was not very cooperative when we tried to squish her into the cute little newborn poses. Despite the fussiness and lack of interest, I think Sarah did a great job getting some beautiful shots of our little Lizzie Jane. the end we had just given up on trying to get her to pose. Looking like a little old grandpa was not what I had in mind but this little baby is just like her dad!.. Glamour shots are just not her favorite thing!

This is how much Lizzie LOVES the kissy mushy pictures...

October 11, 2010

Down Syndrome Awareness

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month! I had no idea! But now that I am  FULLY AWARE of down syndrome, I'm joining in on raising awareness! One of the many things that I was not aware of was how connected these families really are! It's like we've suddenly made a whole network of new friends that I wouldn't have had otherwise! I absolutely love that all of the families who are dealing with down syndrome are all so connected and are so willing to reach out and support one another! So thank you to all of our new friends that have checked out our blog and offered your support! 

October 9, 2010

The last 2 weeks...

This is what has been happening in the life of Lizzie for the past 2 weeks!..

September 23rd we got to bring our little Lizzie home!
We stayed the night at the NICU thurs. night (got no sleep at all) and waited and waited all day Fri. to finally take her home

Our favorite NICU nurse Rochelle. She was so nice and so helpful. I already miss all of the nurses that took care of Lizzie, I wish I could have just taken one of them home with me!

Yay! finally on our way! (don't mind if we look extremely tired) 

Thank Goodness for Granny Tracy and Grandpa Perry!
They came out to Roosevelt the very next day and made us dinner, helped with baby duties, and Grandpa perry set up the swing! We love them dearly!

...And Thank Goodness for Granny Cheryl and Grandpa Mark!
They came out to Roosevelt right after Granny Tracy and Grandpa Perry left. They made us dinner, helped with baby duties, and Grandma Cheryl organized ALL of the baby stuff! We are so grateful for everything the grandparents have done for us. We couldn't have made it through without them.

First bath at home...
After Granny Cheryl & Grandpa Mark left, Cheryl came back to our rescue with our nurse/aunt Hayley! 

Meeting the cousins...
All of Lizzie's cousins were so excited to finally meet her! It was like christmas morning they were that excited!                                                     

Even Grandma & Grandpa Knotts were so excited for Lizzie to come home!..

... Our new bassinet 
Our good friend Mike Johnson surprised us with this beautiful, black walnut, handmade bassinet! We are so incredibly grateful for this amazing labor of love. In the midst of these tests and trials, I've realized that we are so blessed with amazing family & friends who are so excited to serve and learn from our sweet baby girl. This beautiful gift will be an heirloom in our little family forever and will always bring sweet memories of such a trying time. 

... and if your wondering about the darling quilt, it was made by Mike's daughter Ann! I LOVE this quilt and can't wait to show it off!