February 28, 2010

cLay'S HapPy HaPpy BiRthDay!

Poor Clay had to work on his birthday, and none of our friends were around this weekend to help celebrate and Roosevelt can be kind of boring especially when nobody is around! Luckily, clay still ended up having a happy happy birthday. I was really sick on clay's actual birthday so we didnt end up doing much. I felt really bad so saturday I decorated with balloons and got a yummy cake! My parents decided to drive up here for a visit and it just ended up working out perfectly! My mom brought her awesome pressure cooker and made delicious chicken and rice fajitas (in about 10 minutes! pressure cookers are truly amazing) we all ate dinner, sang happy birthday, and ate chocolate cake and ice cream! After sitting around and chatting, We made a bed for my parents (and Fergie the dog) on the floor of our little apartment. They were really good sports about it. Sunday, Clay had to go to work and got out of speaking in church but I still had to speak.. But my parents came with me so it wasnt that bad. It actually ended up being a really fun weekend. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for my parents and especially my mom who made us dinner on saturday and sunday, cleaned my house, folded my laundry, she even colored my hair! Living in roosevelt im realizing more and more how lucky I am to have such an awesome mom.

February 21, 2010

Lots of catching up!

...and the month of LoVe...

This month was fun! Filled with sugar cookies...
(the famous kneeders cookies that i so proudly made myself!)

Knock-and-run goodies for neighbors and friends...

Chocolate covered strawberries, Red roses and lots
of LoVe from my sweet Valentine!

Oh! and we cant forget our amazing valentines get together put on by
Maclee, Jazlyn, Courtney, and Myself.
As the men were off on a well planned out scavenger hunt around Roosevelt,
we (the girls) set up for a Romantic dinner at Maclee's.
It was so fun, despite the fact that the guys were not happy about
going on a scavenger hunt and claimed it was so "jr. high"
We still had lots of fun getting together for valentines day!

{Clay just hangin out in our new little apartment}
Christmas Eve at our new apartment in Roosevelt.
We couldn't spend christmas eve with our families so we made our own christmas eve 
dinner just filled with lots of christmas cheer!

February 6, 2010

whoa February!

Yes it is February and yes November was the last time i posted anything! So Im just going to update with a few words....  Since November Clay has taken a job in Roosevelt, Ut (yes its true). But dont feel too bad for us because I was fortunate to get a job with the school district out there working with preschoolers and in the speech department and I absolutly Love it! Clay also loves being close to his very good friends and loves his weekly raquetball games with Shad, Jade and Mr Lewie Feild. There is lots we miss about not being so close to everything and everyone but its fun to take on a new adventure... So we are just going to keep on counting our many blessings. Probably one of the most excited blessings is a New Baby due September 7th! Clay and I are very excited especially when we got the first ultrasound and saw the little heartbeat! Very Exciting I know! I will keep everyone updated on the latest excitement and will be posting pictures (from christmas) soon!