September 13, 2010

Goodbye Trailer :(

We were so lucky to get one out of 3 spots at the Primary Children's RV parking! They were supposed to be reserved until the end of Sept. but my mom, being the persistent, concerned mom that she is, found out that the one empty spot had been canceled and was no longer reserved. We have been so lucky to have my grandparents trailer up here for a whole 2 weeks! We have been only walking distance from the hospital! We are so sad that our 2 weeks is up but it sounds like our little Lizzie Jane will only be here for another week and then we can take her home!.. We are probably going to have to take her home with the oxygen and the feeding tube because she is not eating a full bottle yet and the doctors aren't sure she will be strong enough to finish a full bottle before her little heart surgery. But, at least she is not on any medications and oxygen and the feeding tube is all we have to worry about! So lets all hope she will be coming home at the end of the week!!!  

These pictures are for Clay...
We are so bummed that he had to go back to work. Lizzie and I love it when he is here cause he is just the BEST at changing the poopy diapers! Plus Lizzie just LOVES her Dad. She goes right to sleep with a little smile on her face every time he holds her!

She gets so pooped out after she eats it is the funniest thing. This is my mom trying to burp her (don't you just love her squished little cheeks??)

Lizzie just loves being wrapped up like a little burrito! And just look at the cute little vintage quilt my mom made her...

September 8, 2010

Lizzie Updates

Today, Lizzie got her picc line taken out! The picc line was a permanent i.v that went under the skin to her heart. She is now eating enough that she does not need an i.v at all! They are only feeding her through a bottle every other time right now but we are hoping she will get strong enough really soon and start taking the bottle every feeding.

        with the picc line...

without the picc line...

eating through the bottle...

Tiny little hands and feet...

I forgot to mention how my dad passed out his first visit to the NICU! He also passed out when I was born. Something about needles, tubes, and blood that makes him a little sick to his stomach! Good thing Clay was with him when he started to look a little pale! When he woke up, he was in the hall way on the floor with nurses all around trying to figure out what in the world they're going to do with a patient that size! Poor Perry hahahaha!!!  I know this picture is a little blurry, I sent it from my cell phone. I still had to post it just because I know my dad would be SO proud!..


September 7, 2010

Our Lovely Lizzie Jane


Eliza Jane Brown
10:01 p.m.
5lb 9oz

Our perfect baby girl came really unexpectedly on thursday, august 26th. It all began at 5:am, at my parents house. My doctor was planning on inducing labor on Sept. 1st (in Roosevelt) so I figured I had lots of time to hang out with my mom, go shopping for cute clothes and nursery stuff. I decided to spend the night at my parents and go back to Roosevelt first thing in the morning. I woke up at 5 in the morning thinking I needed to use the bathroom. . I didn't quite make it to the bathroom. I seriously thought I was peeing my pants all over my mom's floor. When I yelled for my mom, she ran in and yelled "oh my goodness your water broke! We have got to get to the hospital right now!" Of course I was crying my eyes out because 1: the water wouldn't stop coming! 2: Clay wasn't there, he was in Roosevelt 3: I called my doctor (in Roosevelt) to see what I should do and I got a machine that said he is out of town for the weekend! So we ended up at Payson hospital which ended up being a really big blessing. Clay got to the hospital in about an hour (from Roosevelt!) just in time to wait another 15 hours. After our baby finally arrived, the pediatrician came in and looked the baby over. He gave us the really shocking news that our baby shows signs of down syndrome. This news was really hard for me to believe since there was never any indication of down syndrome throughout the whole pregnancy and I did get the blood test and my doctor told me that my chances of having a down syndrome baby were average to low and I probably wouldn't have to worry about that. (That blood test is only 80% accurate little did I know) We spent the night at the hospital and the next day they sent our sweet baby to primary children's to get tests and ultrasounds done on her heart. They found that she has a heart condition that is very common among down syndrome babies which will require surgery in 4 to 5 months. Eliza is still here in the NICU where Clay and I spend each and everyday trying to get her to eat and breath on her own. So far, she is doing really well! She does her very best to drink from her bottle, and they almost have her all the way off the oxygen! She still needs a little more time to do all of these things on her own but we cannot wait until we can take her home! (probably in about 2 weeks). 

Even though the past few weeks have been a life changing adjustment and very emotional, I cannot put into words the feelings that we get every time we hold our baby girl. I feel so honored to have been sent such a perfect spirit and I hope that I can live up to the trust Heavenly Father has put into me. I know that this baby has been sent to us for a reason and through her, I will learn the true meaning of the Christlike attributes that each of us are here to acquire.