July 15, 2010

sHoW & TeLL.

I just have to brag for a second... Here is one of the many carseat covers my mom has made. Isn't it cute? Don't you worry, I will get up to her level in the sewing world... one of these days!

I love the cute fall colors and just lOOk at the inside!... Luv the PolkaDots!


Amanda said...

very cute! I bet you are getting excited.

Jesse, Nicole and Elle said...

Super cute and super handy! Got to love those talented moms!

ChaseandKristi said...

That is adorable. I love it.

hairprincess said...

seriously so cute! your mom is the best I miss you guys! I forgot you moved to Roosevelt isnt that by Duchesne? My husband just got a job there! We are commuting for now but I will come visit him sometime so we should get together!