July 14, 2010

7 mOnthS and still growing!

You probably wouldn't believe me when I say this, but time is flying!!!
7 Months and I can't believe I'm still stretching!  
I have to admit, pregnancy is the most amazing and uncomfortable thing I have ever been through! 
I guess I can kind of compare it to being on my mission... Sleeping on a cement floor in a sleeping bag getting eaten alive by fleas but it still was the most amazing experience!


ryan + carly said...

look at you!! you look so good. i so know what you mean by pregnancy being the most amazing and uncomfortable thing in the world!!! and what's hard to believe is that you truly do forget how uncomfortable it is...and soon. i guess it's so you will have more bambinos!! lol i love your carseat cover. so dang cute. tell tracy i miss her. love you girly.