January 26, 2011

5 months today!

10lbs 4oz
Lizzie has been trying to hold her head up and her mouth hangs wide open every time she tries. Its really funny. She also is starting to talk, A LOT! and is smiling and laughing... which I will catch her smile on camera, one of these days. I can't even tell you all how much I love my baby girl. She is my personal little angel that I will have by my side forever and ever. It is something new everyday, her personality just shines.


Look! she is holding her head up! Whoo hoo!!!
(Don't you love how I have like 50 of the same picture?)


ryan + carly said...

ahhh chayla! lizzie is just the cutest little thing ever. love her!!!

Jade, Maclee and Briten said...

Shes getting so big and smart keep up the good work Lizzie! And she is dressed cuter than any baby I have ever seen as usual!

Finch Family said...

I am so sad I missed you guys this weekend! Oh well, next time. I need to hug on that baby soon!

Karen said...

She is SO darling! Definitely an angel! Happy 5 months!!!