December 15, 2010

Lizzie meets Santa Claus!

On monday, back up to Primary Children's we went! Lizzie had her monthly checkup with the cardiologist. This time, they had to put her to sleep (cause ya know, babies move around a lot) they did a sedated ECO and an EKG. Her heart is in the same condition they found it when they first looked at it. This is actually a good thing, even though every time we meet with the heart doctor we hope to hear that her heart has just healed itself, we are just grateful there were no new surprises and she is able to wait until she is a little older to get heart surgery. The doctors tell us that she has an Atrioventricular Canal defect (AV canal) this defect basically means that she has a hole in the center of her heart. {*one-third of all children born with AV canal have Down Syndrome} This defect also can include abnormalities with the valves in the heart. Lizzie has one big valve where she should have two. She will have to get open heart surgery, where they will go in and put a patch in the middle of her heart and somehow separate the one valve and make two! The doctors want to do the surgery in the middle of February. Even though I'm not very excited to live at Primary Children's again, I am extremely grateful for such an amazing hospital and amazing doctors!


Jade, Maclee and Briten said...

I love her that bottom picture is to die for!

Finch Family said...

Oh, that middle picture makes we want to cry! Love this baby.

katie t said...

hi chayla. you don't know me but i stumbled upon your blog. your little family is beautiful. i have a son who was born with special needs. he is 9 right now and attends a special school class. many of his friends have down syndrome and they are the most loving spirits ever! they are so kind and so real. you are a lucky family to have been given her to take care of. i feel it's a blessing, a pat on the back, seeing that i don't think that they are held accountable the same way that we are without disabilities. i know that my son, on an eternal perspective, will make it to the celestial kingdom and i feel so blessed and relieved to know that the lord saw my spirit fit to raise him and to have one less of my children to worry about. enjoy her and love her and make it the most positive experience ever. you will have your bad days but that's reality. if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to bug me! i only want to help and please don't ever get overwhelmed. she is beautiful! sorry if you feel like i am intruding because that is not my intent. i've just learned a few things and love when i can help someone else to get down a better road faster....anyway. good night and take care!