November 5, 2010

As Cute as a Bug...

We really didn't do much for Halloween this year, just spent the weekend moving.


Jesse, Nicole and Elle said...

So cute! I love that you stuffed her costume with paper!

Amanda said...

she is the cutest lady bug ever!!

The Millers said...

I have never seen such a darling ladybug!

The Scotts said...

Lizzie is sooo stinkin cute! Looking at your pictures from her birth and at the hospital brought back so many memories, good and bad! We also didnt know Gabi would have DS and I had the easiest pregnacy and delivery that it was a shock that anything was wrong. Gabi was extremely sick and almost didnt make it so the news of the DS was the least of my worries at the time. I did worry about it alot at first but i soon realized that the worries i had were more selfish worries than anything. I would not change her for the world and her DS just makes her who she is. Im sure you have already felt the incredible blessings of having her in your home and I can promise you that it only gets better! There is something about DS babies that are so intoxicating and they draw people together. Gabi is a constant reminder to me every day of what is important and she has stregnthen our entire family. I am sure Lizzie has done the same with your family. There is nothing like a new baby, but its even more special when you know really how perfect they are. It is overwelming and so incredible at the same time! I am so glad that they support from other DS Families have been there and I am happy to add another Friend to our list! I love watching these little angels grow and prove us all wrong! They are strong and determined, they have a purpose and We are very blessed to be their mothers! Please keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions at all!
Much Love
Sherron Scott
PS your pictures look soo familar, Did you go to Snow College? or UVU? Im not sure where I have seen you before but you look incredibly familar! Maybe it was just ment to be! haha!