March 7, 2010

FuN~FiLLeD WeeKeNd

This weekend we finally got to go home! (We still cOnsider spanish fork and elK Ridge home) We look forward to staying at Mark & Cheryl's whenever possible because it's just always a PARTY! On Friday night, We celebrated Clay & Cody FiNches Birthday. We had pizza, hung out with the whole Brown fam, and I think they had cake and ice cream, Im not sure cause i fell asleep and NOBODY Woke me UP!!! It was still fun though, we LOVE hanging out with everyone..(So much I gotta blog about it!) On saturday, Clay and Chase took my Dad to the Goshen Dam to shoot sporting clays and my mom and I decided to get pedicures (good tRade riGht?) To end the weekend, we went out to eat with our good friends chase & kristi, luke & Ali. I wish I had pictures but I forgot my camera. Next time I wont forget! Thanks Everyone for a fun~filled weekeNd! 


hairprincess said...

Fun updates! I am so excited for you being pregers I cant wait to see that cute little baby!:) Too bad you are so far we need to hang out again! I miss our fun times in our highschool class and Snow College woo woo!:) Cant wait for more updates:)

J and Stac said...

Chay!!! Im so glad you wrote me on FB!! Your blog is so adorable!! Looks like you are having so much fun starting your family! I love that you hang out with Maclee and Jade....they are so nice! My hubby went to school with Mac and he loves her! Well I hope your having fun out sure looks like it, you are too cute!!! Keep in touch chick!!