February 21, 2010

Lots of catching up!

...and the month of LoVe...

This month was fun! Filled with sugar cookies...
(the famous kneeders cookies that i so proudly made myself!)

Knock-and-run goodies for neighbors and friends...

Chocolate covered strawberries, Red roses and lots
of LoVe from my sweet Valentine!

Oh! and we cant forget our amazing valentines get together put on by
Maclee, Jazlyn, Courtney, and Myself.
As the men were off on a well planned out scavenger hunt around Roosevelt,
we (the girls) set up for a Romantic dinner at Maclee's.
It was so fun, despite the fact that the guys were not happy about
going on a scavenger hunt and claimed it was so "jr. high"
We still had lots of fun getting together for valentines day!


ryan + carly said...

chayla! you're having a baby!!! too cute. and that was my due date...although i had jude aug.21 so maybe you will be lucky enough to have your little one come early too! i wish you would please make me some sugar cookies. and i must tell you that my uncle lived in neola for the longest time so we were in roosevelt quite often. your apt looks so cute. gosh lots to be excited about! congrats!!! xo

ryan + carly said...

oh and thanks for the funny birthday comment. it brought a tear to my eye thinking of our fun times in good old b6.