October 19, 2009

long story short

Clay Sipes. Clay is a young man who is riding his bike across America From New York to Seattle to raise money for underprivileged children. He began around Sept.1st and so far has made it all the way from New York to Mark and Cheryl's house in Elk Ridge Utah. Clay and i showed up for dinner at Mark and Cheryls and they had a random little hippie friend that Hayley had picked up on a bike ride from provo. Somehow the random Clay Sipes ended up staying the night at our house. He was very grateful for a bed and he did fix my wireless router so that was a bonus. Early monday morning we donated to his cause and sent him on his way. We also gave the young man a book of mormon. He was very nice and very grateful for everything. We hope he makes it to seattle safely without having to go through too much snow!